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As you are aware over the coming months we are embarking on the second phase of our tree management programme taking in holes 11-18. Whilst it is our aim to cause as little disturbance to golf as possible it is imperative that ALL heed the safety guidelines below. Doing so will help keep yourselves safe and also ensure the safety of our contractors.
• Be Vigilant on the Course
• Never enter an area of felling until approval has been granted by the Feller
• Wait patiently at a Far and safe distance if a tree is being felled
• Be aware of large machinery manoeuvring on site
• Never play a shot with contractors in direct line of the ball flight
• If playing non competitive rounds it may be prudent to miss a hole where operations are ongoing (If in doubt miss it Out!)
• Listen and adhere to any instructions given to you by the contractor
• Care for your playing companions safety as greatly as your own
• Act with common sense
• If you are unsure whether it is safe to retrieve your ball WAIT for guidance from a contractor or member of the green staff.

The health and safety of all our members and visitors is our primary concern when carrying out these essential works. Please act with caution when playing and retrieving balls remembering that trees are dangerous and can cause severe injury and or death if not respected. Always seek the guidance of green staff or contractors if you at all unsure and remember to act with common sense and vigilance when playing through fell areas. If you see anything untoward fellow members or visitors acting carelessly please report it immediately and the necessary action will be taken.

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