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As we are now entering our tree management works you will no doubt be greeted by some great new vistas around the golf course over the coming weeks. Much of the contractor works in phase two are about optimising our turf performance and much of our in-house works are about improving the strategy and eco diversity of the site. If you have any queries about any of the works during this phase I would be happy to answer them so feel free to get in touch.
One small area that we are tidying up is the area between the 14th greenside bunker and 15th tee often referred to as ‘the screen’. This is an area that when planted was done so with the idea to stop balls from reaching the 15th tee. Unfortunately due to the tight spacing and lack of thinning these trees have become overgrown dense and lacking in the needed height to perform such a task effectively. With the density being so great this area not only looked out of place but also increased the risk due to fellow golfers being disregarded on the tee thanks to them being visually unseen. The walk off area has also became funnelled due to the lack of space resulting in increasing turf loss to the right of the bunker, a scruffy aesthetic and a poor playing surface.
Over the years since planting the pine trees down the right have significantly widened. This has made this newer plantation almost redundant as these larger trees now provide good year around coverage. With that in mind the newer plantation has been removed. This will allow for more space and traffic wear on the walk off, increased airflow to the tee and a fairer playing surface. It also helps unify the landscape removing the dense mess that had developed and gives the opportunity for the better specimens to reach their full potential.
No doubt for some the question will be what about the safety aspect?
As I have alluded to as time has progressed the filling out of the copse in front of the newer plantation is now doing a good job of blocking most approaching balls. Please allow me to remind everyone however a tree line is no reason to hit balls carelessly or refrain from shouting fore! Allowing more of the tee to be seen not only allows the golfer hitting the shot to make an informed decision about playing it also allows his group ample time to give warning to those on the tee of any approaching ball and for those on the tee to see what is coming behind them. It is every golfer’s responsibility who is playing the ball to judge whether or not he or she is safe to do so and to sound the necessary warning if they hit an errant shot.
This area will significantly benefit from the scrub removal which has already produced a far better aesthetic. We look forward to further works and will keep you informed of our developments and progress.
Thank you all for your patience and support.
Best Wishes
James Parker

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