Pannal Golf Club Junior Section offers boys and girls under the age of 18 the opportunity to develop their game in a friendly and supportive environment. We welcome new members of all standards ranging from complete beginners to good players. If you are new to the game, we will provide the tuition to make you proficient: if you already have a strong game, you will have the opportunity to compete for a place in our successful Junior Team.

Our commitment to Junior Golf is underpinned by our GolfMark accreditation. You will benefit from our structured approach to the induction of young people into the sport both from the points of view of technique, and etiquette. The Club sets a high priority on coaching for juniors. Funding is set aside so that you can receive the benefit of subsidised lessons and if you are a beginner thinking about joining the Club you can come along to free Taster Sessions.

The Junior Co-ordinator (a Club Member and usually a parent) works with the Club staff and other Members to ensure support for all Juniors, backed up by full compliance with all applicable child protection legislation.

There is more information in the sections listed below but if you wish to discuss Junior Golf at Pannal further, please contact our General Manager, Kevin Fretwell on 01423 872628 or visit the Club Professional Shop to talk to our PGA Professionals, David and Martin Padgett.


Do you dream of being the next Rory McIlroy or being part of the Ryder Cup or Solheim Cup teams? Well, all the top players began golf as juniors and with the right introduction and coaching you could reach the very top.

If you are a young person aged under 18 and interested in trying golf for the first time, at Pannal Golf Club we will do everything to make this as easy and straightforward as possible. Here are the answers to the kind of questions you may be asking:

Q: Do I need to be a member or know a member?
A: No. We are not a “closed community” and there is no need for you, or your parent/carer to be a member of the Club or know any members

Q: Do I have to wear any special clothes?
A: No. When you start you will learn on the Practice Ground where there are no particular dress rules. We would suggest a polo shirt, trousers, a pullover and trainers for both boys and girls.

Q: I don’t have any golf clubs – will I have to buy some?
A: No – not at the beginning. We can lend you clubs and balls to start off. If you feel the game is for you, then to get the full benefit and enjoyment, you will need a set of clubs. These can be bought new or secondhand and the club professionals can provide help and advice.

Q: What will I need when I am on the Practice Ground?
A: No special clothes or shoes are needed.

Q: What will I need on the course?
A: Until you reach a certain level of ability your golf skills will not be sufficiently developed to allow you to play on the course. Once you have, you will need a set of clubs, some balls and tees, a pair of golf shoes and clothes which comply with the Club dress code.

Q: I‘m interested – what do I do next?
A: If you are aged 8 up to 18 you should visit the Club and talk to the staff in the Professional Shop about coming to an introductory session. From May to September these are held every Sunday afternoon from 1pm – 3pm. At the sessions you will learn the basics of how to hold a club, how to address the ball and how to swing the club. You will quickly grasp the principles, get the joy of hitting the ball in the air and straight. You will also learn some of the basic rules of the game.

Q: How much do these sessions cost?
A: The cost is £3 per session. Once you have been to five sessions you will know if golf is the game for you & may wish to become a Junior Member. Once you are a Junior Member, you will qualify for the Development Programme. Coaching costs while in the Development Programme are paid by the Club.

Q: A message for Parents and Carers
A: We are sure you will want to watch your potential junior golfer enjoy themselves during the sessions on the Practice Area. This is located next to the Club Car Park opposite the Club House. You are also welcome to visit the Clubhouse where you can enjoy a drink or a snack: all we would ask is that you respect the Club dress code.

Once you have enjoyed the initial sessions and become a Junior Member it is time to start playing regularly and obtain a handicap before you move into your comprehensive training programme. To gain your handicap you will have to play a certain number of rounds in what are known as “Medal” competitions where your fellow player records your score against par. Once again our PGA Professional team or the Junior Co-ordinator can explain this in more detail. During this phase you must also gain a basic level of knowledge on the rules and etiquette of golf.

You will be placed in one of three groups depending on your initial handicap level and then you should target to move up the groups:

Development Group (Handicap 36 - 25)
Entry to this phase of the coaching programme will be by invitation once you have shown a commitment to developing your game and practice ethos. Once invited to join this Group you will be coached with other Juniors – maximum number per group size of 7. The sessions take place in the March to September period and a schedule will be given to you in advance. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Our PGA Professionals conduct the sessions and they keep a written record of your progress. You will be shown how to practice, how to hit a golf ball consistently, and where the club and ball should be positioned in order to hit the ball straight and achieve distance.

During this period you must continue to become familiar with the rules and etiquette of golf.

Intermediate Group (Handicap 24 - 18)
In order to move up to this next level you must demonstrate to Club Professional David Padgett your continuing commitment to regular play and practice. Your coaching programme will further develop your knowledge of the fundamentals of club and body position.

Elite Group
At any one time 8 people are invited into the Elite group where they will receive 1 hour group coaching sessions plus 6 half-hour individual lessons. An invitation into the Elite Group is both a mark of achievement and a recognition that you possess the potential to achieve a low handicap with the requisite commitment and work. We would expect Elite Group players to be capable of selection for the Club in both Junior and Adult matches against other clubs and even in County and Regional competitions.

For many years Pannal Golf Club has been a leader in the world of Junior Golf. From 1957 to 1964 the Club staged the British Amateur Youth championship where many juniors who went on to top level professional careers competed. Notable winners include Alex Caygill and Brian Barnes. The event returned in 1975 when it was won by a certain Nick Faldo, who set a course record at that time of 65 on his way to victory.

2001 saw the inauguration of the North of England Under 16’s Stroke play championship which ran until 2005 and then returned again in 2010. Again there have been many players who have gone on to great things, including Pablo Martin, the first man to win as an amateur and then a professional on the European Tour. It returned to Pannal in 2016.

The club has also staged a number of Junior International matches. Each year before the North of England Under 16’s there is a mixed international match when England take on Spain. And in October 2012, England Boys Under 16’s beat Scotland Boys Under 16’s in their annual match.

The Club holds a series of junior competitions throughout the year, although mainly in the period April to October. These are open to any Junior members with a handicap. They vary in nature from individual trophy events through to a regular pattern of Medals and Stablefords. In addition to these there is also a series of open competitions in which the better players would be able to compete against Juniors from other Clubs.

At Pannal each year in August we stage the Pannal Junior Rosebowl which is competed for by juniors from the Harrogate area, other parts of Yorkshire and beyond.

Harrogate and District Union matches
Pannal is a member of the Harrogate and District Union of Golf Clubs (HDUGC) who organize inter-club matches on a regular basis in a league format. The Union also organises a number of junior competitions open to any junior – winning one of these is truly prestigeous. There is also an individual divisional junior championship organized by the Union into both gross and net competitions.

Playing in any of these Union events means you can earn Merit Points which will lead to the award of Junior Golf of the Year. In 2012 this award was won by Pannal member, Will Rushworth.

Team Qualification
Selection for any Junior event is made by the Junior Co-ordinator in consultation with the Club PGA professional and the Junior Captain. The key deciding factor is your handicap level, but throughout the year the objective will be to ensure that everyone who displays potential and commitment and who embraces the spirit of golf will get the opportunity to represent the Club.

Fixture Lists
Details of matches are published at the start of the season and can be found on the club noticeboard and on the website.

Once you have attended and enjoyed about five sessions, then it is the time to apply for membership in order to play on the course, get a handicap and qualify for the Development Programme.

For further information or to join, please contact our General Manager, Kevin Fretwell, on 01423 872628.


There are many benefits to being a Junior Member at Pannal, namely:

Free use of the practice ground including balls*
Regular coaching as part of the Junior Academy
Coaching costs subsidised by the Club*
Written records of achievement
Obtaining a recognised handicap
Club support structure headed by the Junior Co-ordinator
Use of the Swing Studio (at extra cost)
Specific Junior playing times
Entry to Junior competitions
Entry to adult competitions (subject to handicap level)
Opportunity to represent the Club in Junior and Adult competitions
*Facility not available at all other clubs in the area.

In order that all aspects of Junior Golf run smoothly and efficiently the club has an organisation structure which works as follows:

Chairman of Juniors: this role is filled each year by the Men’s Vice Captain, to ensure that the interests of the Juniors are represented at a senior level. The V-C is a member of the Full Committee and is their nominee to be Men’s Captain the following year.

Junior Co-coordinator: a volunteer from within the adult membership, it is the junior co-coordinator’s job to look after matters day to day. It is an annual appointment which often runs into a second year. He or she is responsible for team selection, organisation of the competitions, setting up transport to matches, discipline etc. There is also a volunteer support team (usually parents or grandparents) backing everything up. Ronnie Caldwell is the Junior Organiser and he can be contacted via the office email in the first instance - office@pannalgc.co.uk

Junior Captain: this appointment is made each year by the Chairman and Junior Co-coordinator and approved at the Junior AGM. He/she is supported by the Junior Vice- captain and is the club’s main representative at matches and junior events. The Captain’s year runs from the Junior AGM in December and the appointment is formally marked with the Annual Drive-In alongside the Men’s and Ladies' Captains in late March.

Junior AGM: held each year in December it is an opportunity to report on the year’s activities and to award the trophies won in the various competitions. The following year’s fixture list is confirmed, as are details of the team strip for the season ahead.

Junior Code of Conduct and Rules: these are in addition to the Rules of Golf and overall Club rules which apply equally to junior Members. Click here to download a copy. They are also displayed on the Junior Noticeboard.

In order to gain the prestigious GolfMark accreditation the Club has provided detailed information on its approach to child welfare. This is in two parts:

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
The policy is summarized in a two page document which is sent to the parents/carers of all joining junior members for their acknowledgement and signature.

The Welfare Officer
The holder of this office has to be entirely separate from the organisation structure of the Junior section and is someone that any Junior member, parent or carer can approach in confidence.

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