WHS Update - Understand how Playing Handicap works
Understand how Playing Handicap works
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Handicap Index Calculation

Don't be too concerned if you have been unable to input the requested 20 Acceptable Scores for the Handicap Index calculation, you will still be given a an Index. The link below gives the formula for calculating a Handicap Index from 3 to 20 scores.

Please click here to see the Calculation of a New Handicap Index

Playing Handicap

Only 40 days to go!
Yes, 2 November is fast approaching and will be on us before you know it!
We are nearly at the end of the WHS teach-in modules (last one next week) and this week's segment focuses on Playing Handicap.
The four most important aspects of Playing Handicap are :
* It is only used for competition purposes
* It ensures equity to calculate competition results (via Handicap Allowances)
* Golfers do not need to do anything to calculate it (it is generated before their round)
* Golfers should continue to play in the mindset of their Course Handicap in competition rounds

Please click here to find out more

Please click on the link for the video

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